OPALYTICA Training contributes to the development of our customers’ digital operations skills. Drawing on experts in digitalization tools & methodologies for industrial operations we help and improve teams to be more efficient in operations management


Microsoft Office 365 

Data Visualization & Analytics 

Some Key Facts

Let’s look at some key facts that demonstrate how OPALYTICA Training can help your business growth

OPALYTICA Training Increases Digital Knowledge & Competences In Industrial Operations Teams

OPALYTICA Training provides courses to industrial operations teams in digital operations (systems usage, analytics, collaboration) to improve their competencies & skills. Some of the benefits are:


  • Increase JIKKO knowledge & competences – 20% to 40%
  • Improve knowledge & competences in Microsoft collaborative tools – 50% to 70%
  • Increase knowledge & competences in data visualization & analytics tools – 50% to 70%

OPALYTICA Training Increases JIKKO MES Utilization

OPALYTICA Training provides an online platform and on site effective training to increase JIKKO MES utilization and effectiveness

OPALYTICA Training Brings Data Analytics & Visualization In Industrial Operations To Another Level

OPALYTICA Training provides pragmatic and hands-on oriented courses in data visualization & analytics to highlight to industrial operations teams the best way to capitalize on their studies, analysis & insights

OPALYTICA Training Increases Digital Communication Thanks To Collaboration Tools

OPALYTICA Training helps incdustrial companies to increase their efficiency in communication & utilization of Microsoft Office 365 Collaborative Suite

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