OPALYTICA Consulting contributes  to the growth of our customers’ industrial operations. Providing excellent support on performance management, operational excellence and continuous improvement thanks to new technologies and digitalization

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Some Key Facts

Let’s look at some key facts that demonstrate how OPALYTICA Consulting can help your business growth

OPALYTICA Consulting Supports Digital Transformation In Industrial Companies

OPALYTICA Consulting guides & coaches industrial companies in their organization creation and performance & profitability management. The main benefits targeted by OPALYTICA Consulting are:


  • Increase JIKKO implementation effectiveness – 20%
  • Increase Operations & Manufacturing Performance – 15% to 17%
  • Drive Digital Transformation & Data Analytics – 30% to 50%

OPALYTICA Consulting Supports Teams in Data Visualization & Analytics Projects

OPALYTICA Consulting helps customers to define their data visualization & analytics projects to get the expected added value with the best return on their investment

OPALYTICA Consulting Offers A Strong Digital Structure

OPALYTICA Consulting offers support on the digital vision, roadmap and organization design of industrial companies to help digital migration and targets achievement

OPALYTICA Consulting Coaches Teams in Agile Methodologies & Project Management

OPALYTICA Consulting helps customers to set the best environment for Agile Project Management and drives the change within the different project phases

OPALYTICA Consulting Helps Teams on Continuous Improvement Projets & Methodologies

OPALYTICA Consulting supports customers on their Continuous Improvement Projects and leads them through methodologies as DMAIC and PDCA

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