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Frequently Asked Questions


How To Get Started With OPALYTICA?

To get started with opalytica solutions & services it is simple. Go to your shopping cart and select the solution and the services you are interested for. You can also contact your sales team at, they will be happy to answer your sales questions.

How OPALYTICA Takes Care Of Your Data?

In OPALYTICA your security and your data protection is our priority. That’s why OPALYTICA respects data protection policies and GDPR regulation to bring trust and confort to our valuable customers. OPALYTICA makes sure his partners follows the same path by respecting the same policies and regulations.

What Is Our JIKKO Early Adopter Program?

JIKKO Early Adopter is a program to introduce our MES solution to the market. Our target is to identify 30 customers that will become our partners to make our solution better. This partnership will come with some financial benefits for those customers who decide to join this program.

How Will OPALYTICA Bill You?

JIKKO is a SaaS solution billed in monthly or yearly basis depending on your choice.
For OPALYTICA Consulting & OPALYTICA Training, your order will be created during the shopping process and you will be billed once the service is provided.

What Is OPALYTICA's Refund Policy?

JIKKO does not offer refunds except in certain situations and juridictions, as noted in our refund policy.

OPALYTICA Consulting & OPALYTICA Training services fees can be refunded ONLY if the services are not provided yet. In order to process with the refund please contact our support team at, they will be happy to support you on your request.

To know more about our refund policy, please consult our Terms & Conditions.

Help Finding Information Online?

In order to get any other information, please leave us your message in our contact page our send us an email to

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